3 Organizing Principles to Make Your New Home Work for You

By Lisa Linard, Professional Organizer Moving into a new home comes with plenty of opportunities to start anew. You get to decorate in a new color scheme. You can make new friends in your neighborhood. You can explore new coffee shops and restaurants and find new favorites. It also presents the opportunity to leave behind everything that wasn’t working for you and create new and improved “ways of working” in your new environment.   SO EXCITING! Everyone wants to lead a frictionless, unencumbered life. We want to be able to get out the door quickly in the morning, find things when we need them, and spend our evenings relaxing with the people and things we enjoy. Before you move, think about the struggles you have in your current house. Do you: Waste minutes every day looking for your keys? Have a hard time putting together outfits in the morning? Find cooking dinner overly complicated and time-consuming? Ponder over why these things don’t work for you. Do you drop your keys in a different place every day when you get home from work? Are your camisoles mixed in with your sweaters? Do you have to walk back and forth across the […]
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Color is Personal

We all have our likes and dislikes. Those preferences carry over into our home, making our spaces a reflection of our personality and personal style. Color is personal. When preparing your home for the market, you should be aware of certain factors that could be a turn off to potential buyers. The yellow walls in your living room may bring you happiness every day, but someone looking at you home may not see it the same way, making a judgment about your home before seeing all its potential. It’s amazing how many times we have seen color specific things scare potential buyers away. This is something to consider when choosing paint colors, wallpapers, cabinets, carpets or tiles for your home. Consider choosing more neutral colors for the big areas. Colors like ivory, tan or grey have more mass appeal. Then, use your furniture, area rugs, artwork and décor as an opportunity to bring out the colors that reflect your personal style and preferences. Painting your home can be an expensive investment. Although you want to choose a color you love, it is important to consider the long-term effect and where you see yourself living five or ten years. Maybe, you […]
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