Preparing your Outside Spaces for Sale

Now that the warm weather is upon us, the exterior of a home is on full display to potential buyers. Here is our advice on a few small steps you can take to make sure your home “curb appeal” is at its best. Spruce up the landscaping The first thing potential buyers notice when they approach a home is the exterior. If your landscaping is overgrown and not maintained, it can hinder that “wow” moment. According to a 2019 study from HomeLight, a well landscaped home can sell anywhere between 1%-10% more than a home without landscaping. You can spruce up your simply by making sure your lawn is regularly maintained and mowed. Pruning your trees and bushes, along with adding some simple potted plants or planting some annuals are an inexpensive solution for showcasing your property.  Clean up the driveway/walkway Much like the landscape, a driveway or walkway is an important part of a home’s curb appeal. If these spaces are dirty, cracked, or have weeds sprouting up through cracks and crevices, it might be harder for potential buyers to see the beauty underneath. Simple solutions can go a long way. Try power washing to make the pavement shine, […]
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Straight Talk

Selling your home is no easy task and often some important details can be overlooked. So, we’re going to give it to you straight…if you think it’s time to put your home on the market, here are some pointers that will help with the process: Don’t Neglect Necessary Repairs: We’ve mentioned in previous blog posts and can’t emphasis enough the importance of doing the necessary home repairs before selling your home. Not only will it increase the asking price of your home, but it will save you money in the long run. Don’t Sell an Empty Home: Staging is EVERYTHING! Empty spaces take the charm out of a home and cause buyers to have a harder time connecting with the property. Take Good Photos: Having clear, high resolution, and if possible, professional shots of your home is always a great idea. In the age of the internet, most people start their home buying search online, and if you have bad photos, chances are buyers will skip right over your property. Don’t put the Stress on Yourself: The assumption that you’re the best person to sell your home is one that seems better than it is. Hire someone that knows what […]
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