Should You Still Buy or Sell

It’s no secret that the current housing market is more complicated than ever. Numbers alone do not tell the whole picture. We are still experiencing low inventory, and properties are selling – days on the market have not shifted significantly, but it’s important to price smartly. Buyers want to buy but are more risk-averse and less willing to reach past their comfort zone. The good news for buyers and sellers is we are in a market area that has traditionally been resilient. Although the 4th quarter may not see a price increase, we at CHS believe we will hold steady. Buying a home is not a short-term investment – even though this is a cautious market, we will have sellers who want to sell and buyers who need to buy. Things to keep in mind: Over the last year and a half we haven’t seen an increase in market price like this. In some areas the market is up almost 35%. So, as a seller it’s important to remember the value of your home today is already greater than it would have been at this time last year. As sellers voice concerns about missing the market window, we would say […]
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5 Ways to Stay Busy While at Home

Your home is the place where you should feel the most safe and comfortable. So, while we’re all doing our part to stay home, we’ve compiled a list of things you can do to keep yourself and your family busy. 1. Clean out your junk drawer It’s the place you throw all the things that don’t have a home, but when was the last time you actually cleared out your junk drawer? Who knows, you may even find something you thought you had misplaced! Click HERE for a step-by-step how to. 2. Rearrange your furniture Now is the perfect time to switch things up! You never know what will work best until you try it. Here is a great article from Elle Décor that provides furniture arranging tricks to make your home feel bigger. 3. Hang pictures and art How many times have you thought about finally getting around to printing, framing and hanging those family pictures? There are plenty of ways to arrange and hang pictures and artwork as outlined in this Arch Digest article. 4. Learn a new home improvement skill There are plenty of small fixes around the house that you can do yourself. Keep your home […]
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Decluttering on a Deadline

By Lisa Linard, Professional Organizer   So you’ve decided to sell your house and you need to get rid of stuff…fast. Chances are you’ve got a deadline and the thought of decluttering in a short time frame is making you anxious. First, take a deep breath. You’ve got this! You can follow these steps to make the process less daunting, more efficient, and (dare I say it?) more fun.   1. Determine your “why” Why do you want or need to declutter? Some of your reasons might be your own, and some might be suggested by your real estate agent or home stager. Do you want to: Fit all of your belongings into your new, smaller home? Remove personal items for an open house? Get rid of a storage unit? Prepare your home for staging? Make unpacking in your new home go more quickly? Your “why” might be one of these, none of these, or all of these! Write your “whys” down so you can refer back to them if you need to refocus. They will be your North Star.   2. Prioritize and set goals Let’s face it, if you have a short period of time to accomplish your […]
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