Why Concierge Home Sales?

Two essential aspects of the sale are the preparation (what you do before the front door opens) and good marketing (making sure we reach the largest audience).

We pride ourselves on our meticulous market research and property preparation. These preparations provide a significant advantage in where we are able to list, and ultimately sell your property.

Having Concierge Home Sales sell your property means we will cast the widest net and give your property its greatest marketing visibility. The key to getting the best price is to get the broadest exposure to as many qualified buyers as possible. By putting together a marketing package that beautifully represents your property, we ensure getting those buyers through the door.

We’re committed to rolling up our sleeves for every client and participating in making a big difference to the bottom line.

Stephanie & Adam, Newton, MA — “Our Concierge Home Sales team of Irene and Heidi Wells (Silk Purse Design Group) ensured our property sold for top dollar, bringing in more offers than we ever imagined. Their combined network of contractors enabled us to ready our place quickly and affordably and Heidi’s incredible staging truly transformed the space. Heidi’s eye for editing, rearranging, and reenergizing a home not only helped us sell our old place, but has also inspired us to put our own creative stamp on the new place. Who would have thought buying and selling a home could be so much fun?”

“It has been our pleasure to recommend Irene and Heidi to everyone we have met since who is thinking of buying or selling a home. They bring incredible knowledge, artistry, and value — a true dream team!”

What is Concierge Home Sales?

Concierge Home Sales is an innovative collaboration between real estate sales, home staging and market preparation. It began as a conversation between two professionals, Irene Kerzner, an experienced Real Estate Broker with Hammond Residential, and Heidi Wells, founder of Silk Purse Design Group, a successful home staging company. They realized that together they could offer prospective sellers a truly comprehensive market-to-move service.

Every property listed by Irene includes assessing each client’s home with an eye for function, detail, and design. CHS’s team of professionals provides a curated white-glove treatment for selling your home — from the editing to the staging, to the marketing to the closing. Along the way, CHS assists clients in making the impactful decisions on changes that will ultimately go a long way in the sale and presentation of their home. Each client receives a personal plan on how to best prepare their property, whether it be painting, small home repairs, furniture placement, or curb appeal. As part of CHS’s commitment, they underwrite the majority of the staging costs, allowing their clients to receive the most significant rate of return.

We take the burden of preparing your home for market off your hands, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture.

Lori & Adam, Weston & Brookline, MA —“Irene and Concierge Home Sales are the best! Irene’s calm demeanor and professional attitude, coupled with her deep knowledge of the market enabled us to sell my mother’s home in record time, at a record price. We were working under some difficult circumstances and Irene and Heidi (Silk Purse Design Group) delivered on their promise that they would handle everything in order to make our experience easy — they did. I cannot recommend this team enough. Their care and knowledge and accessibility were invaluable! We’ve used Concierge Home Sales twice, there’s no doubt we will use them again.”

What’s included in the Concierge Home Sales Commitment?

We will create an individualized hands-on, in-depth plan for each home. We will go through your home and walk you through the preparation process, including initial suggestions on editing, limited upgrades, and repairs. We work with you and offer guidance on preparing your home for market. Concierge Home Sales will only make recommendations that it feels will make a bottom-line return. Following this initial visit, a comprehensive personalized plan will be created, which includes full access to Silk Purse’s inventory of home furnishings and accessories. Concierge Homes Sales’ extensive list of contractors are available to do jobs on short notice — conscientiously, quickly, and efficiently. We also help coordinate appointments, get estimates, and oversee the work being done. Whether it’s changing out light fixtures, interior or exterior painting, floors, carpets, or landscaping, we are with you every step of the way. Included as well, are three hours with professional organizer Lisa Linard.

If we are not bringing in furnishings and staging, a stylist is included to provide assistance in helping you prepare your home.

Jenny, Brookline, MA — “I am so glad to have sold my home through Irene, Heidi (Silk Purse Design Group), and their team. They have done an amazing job and made everything as hassle-free as they can. Irene was so responsive, knowledgeable, and professional throughout the process. We received 10 offers after a weekend open house and the final price was $85,000 over our asking price, which was truly a surprise to us! I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to sell their house.”

What is the seller’s commitment and what are production costs?

After our initial walkthrough, we will work with you to tailor a plan that works best for you. If we are bringing in furnishings to stage your home we underwrite the majority of the staging cost (which can range from $10,000 to $30,000), and your only expense will be the Production Fee of $5,000. The Production Fee covers the hard costs, such as assistants and movers, associated with packing the furnishings at the warehouse, moving them into the property, and moving them back to the warehouse after the property is sold. Half ($2,500) is due when the staging is moved in, and the remaining 50% once you are under agreement and we remove the staging. Please visit Heidi Wells’ website, SilkPurseDesign.com, if you would like to see more of her work. The staging will include all rooms with furnishings and home accessories. Silk Purse does an exceptional job and it significantly enhances the return on investment for the sale of your property. This is why we underwrite the cost, making it accessible to all our sellers.

Eric & Amanda — “The combination of sales and design is absolutely brilliant! So glad we had the opportunity to take advantage of this innovative service. Our home was staged beautifully and sold in a flurry of offers. We couldn’t be happier — thank you, Irene.”

What if I need other services?

We have a working vetted list of professionals that we can recommend for additional needs. Some of these well-qualified workers include local professionals for interior and exterior painting, housecleaning, window washing, landscaping/yard work, and carpentry. We are happy to get quotes, and schedule and oversee the work being done. By simplifying the process we can manage the timeline of preparation so you don’t need to worry about coordinating, and get your house to market in a timely manner.