Working with Irene Kerzner as my seller’s broker was a truly remarkable experience. Her wisdom, kindness, and practicality carried me through the difficult process of clearing out my family home and preparing it for sale. I was continually amazed by Irene’s ability to make potentially overwhelming tasks easy (and even pleasant!). From the moment she made suggestions, to her incredible involvement in both big picture activities and in-the-weeds tasks, to her full-service team members (who share Irene’s commitment and clearly love working with her), to the staging, open houses, offer process, and, finally, the closing, Irene showed an unfailing ability to help me make the right decisions, and to nurture me and my whole family (including the dog!). In a world where the word “concierge” is overused and often inaccurate, Irene’s “Concierge Home Sales” is the real deal. I cannot imagine going to anyone else for any of our future real estate needs. Irene is a champion.

Mike & Susan
In the fall of 2021, I made the journey from California back to Newton, MA, to sell my parents’ home, where I spent my entire childhood. My parents’ home was a gorgeous property in a great location, but it needed some updates, as my elderly parents hadn’t done much in the last few years they lived in the house. We consulted with four Newton real estate agents, all of whom told me the same thing: “Don’t do any work on the house — whoever buys it will do their own remodel. Don’t bother staging it. Most likely, it will be sold to a contractor or developer.” My wife was obstinate that with a little work (but short of a major renovation), we could spruce it up and get a higher return. She found me Irene Kerzner of Hammond Residential, a boutique agent who specializes in high-value homes. Long story short: Irene and her team, along with outstanding staging by Heidi Wells of Silk Purse Design, absolutely transformed the house into a charming, stylish, and welcoming home, and we sold it for way over our asking price, with more than ten serious bidders on the offer due date! The final sales price was 500k more than the previous agents estimated we would get on the market. Irene has proved to be the best of the best players in the Newton real estate market. She brokered the best deal we could have ever imagined. All the updates and repairs she recommended turned out to be wise investments.

Irene and her team were truly amazing. She identified exactly the work that would and would not get a return on investment. Her team took everything off our hands (that we wanted her to), managing a stable of contractors, electricians, plumbers, painters, haulers, and designers in parallel. In just over one month, we did exterior and interior painting and repairs, an entire kitchen remodel, waxed and polished the hardwood floors, some plumbing updates, polishing of tubs, and a number of other small improvements. We have no idea how she marshaled these resources in the middle of the pandemic contractor and supply shortage. More impressively, all the repairs and updates she orchestrated passed the city inspections and permits all issued. Irene was very responsive, and she ran every decision by us, providing what proved to be accurate estimates, and her right-hand man Ryan managed the process and kept absolutely meticulous records of all the work done. Ryan was a major key to the operation — he was scrappy and tireless, in addition to having a steel-trap mind for details and organization.

We would highly recommend Irene Kerzner — she helped us through a difficult time and did an extraordinary job preparing and selling our home.

Lynda & Martin
We have worked with many realtors over the years and Irene far surpasses them in competence and dedication. From the initial meeting through the final sale Irene demonstrated a level of professionalism that was truly impressive. Her knowledge of the market and process of buying and selling properties is remarkable. Armed with an astounding amount of resources and contacts, she made the entire process proceed smoothly. Irene solved many complex issues for us, and her responsiveness was amazing. She handled some difficult people with ease, which in turn considerably lowered our anxiety and stress. We cannot praise Irene enough for her skills, knowledge, and relationship skills. She has our highest recommendation.

Chan & Shilpa
Irene helped us purchase our prior home. It was such a great experience that when we were looking to move again, there was no question that we would go back to her. This time, because of the pandemic, we decided to move into the new house before we sold the first one. We were able to fully capitalize on Concierge Home Sales to help us with the process and stage the house. Irene made the entire process seamless. She helped us with our new home contractor, mortgage broker, and real estate lawyer. Given our busy work schedules, she took the lead in getting the process settled in both homes. If/when we ever need to move again, we’d go to Irene. We cannot recommend her highly enough.

Chris & Traci
Strategic, trustworthy, and elegant — and can broker deals with aplomb. That’s Irene Kerzner and that’s why we chose her to represent us first as sellers and then as buyers one year later. While selling and buying real estate are both stressful transactions, they are stressful in different ways. Across both experiences, Irene navigated and shielded us from the emotional turmoil and guided us through the million decisions we had to make, and she did so with grace, humor, and honesty. The Concierge Team did a phenomenal job in designing the house for sale, presenting the house so beautifully that we had a long second thought about selling.In purchasing our new house, Irene’s team of collaborators were efficient, reliable, and cost-effective. And, after completing the purchase, we continued to rely on Irene for her advice and guidance. We were particularly impressed that, even after the closing of our purchase, Irene kept in touch with the electrician and other professionals who were doing work on our house, making sure that we continued to get top service. Without reservation, we recommend Irene Kerzner and the Concierge Team. They are top-notch.

Robert & Liz
We want to thank Irene and her team for all their efforts to get our house ready for sale. Our friend who recommended them was correct — they certainly know how to sell a house!Liz and I had initially thought that all we needed to do to list our home was to pick up a pen and sign. We realize now that the success we achieved was a direct result of the guidance they provided. Despite our reticence to make the changes that were suggested, we are so thankful we did. All of their efforts were amazing and handled both with respect and kindness.

The staging of the house made us think we should move back! Then, when Irene called to inform us the offers were in (and on day one!), that was just pure joy. Thanks again to Irene and to her crew, it was just an amazing journey.

We have known about Irene’s skills as a realtor for years, and so when it came time to sell our house, we both easily agreed to bring her on board. I had no idea that Irene and Concierge Home Sales would make the process so much easier. Honestly, I had been dreading the idea of getting a home ready for sale due to the typical work and stress involved. However, Irene was immediately up to the challenge, did her first “walk through,” and could easily and confidently advise on what pre-sale work would bring the best outcome for a speedy sale, and for the best price.Not only that, but she coordinated and arranged so many of the needed upgrades and improvements, that I was spared the “running around” typically involved in readying a home for sale.

She helped me to feel confident that her recommendations would be worth the up-front expense, and she was right on target. In the first week on the market, we had multiple offers well over asking! In addition to her abilities in the real estate market, she eases the entire process for all involved, through her high level of kindness, understanding, and support.

I had lived in my large condo for many years and loved it as well as the location. When it came time to sell, I wanted someone I could trust. After the initial interview with Irene, I knew she was the right person for the job. She was knowledgeable, low key, and pleasant. Her Concierge Home Sales team – including Heidi Wells of Silk Purse Design and other terrific contractors for small jobs — prepared my home skillfully for the market. It sold over asking price after only one weekend of Open Houses! I recommend Irene and her team highly. They will make this important process almost stress-free and certainly more enjoyable than it would have been without them.

Selling the house I built myself was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made. I knew that there was only one team that could make my house look its absolute best and bring in the level of buyer I was looking for. Irene, along with Silk Purse Design and their on-call professionals, made everything as smooth and easy as it could possibly be. Leave it to them and you won’t be sorry!

Irene was actually the broker for the person who sold me my current house, and I liked her so much that I engaged her to sell my old one. Irene and her team are brilliantly attuned to the market and to what buyers are looking for. For me, her work resulted in a quick sale at a price well beyond what I had expected. The moderate amount of money spent on staging and improvements required very little exertion on my part, yet clearly made a difference in marketing. Irene is easy to work, very pleasant, and knowledgeable. Yet she’s also very realistic. I’d recommend her to anyone (and I do!).

Irene is an experienced, smart, professional real estate broker. She pays attention to details, is very communicative, and surrounds herself with competent colleagues (stagers, contractors, etc.) all focused on getting the job done with as few hassles as possible. She deftly advised, marketed, staged, and ultimately sold my house for way over the asking price. In addition to all these great qualities she is a truly kind and caring person, able to respond to people with empathy and sensitivity — a rare combination of skills!

I keep recommending Irene to my friends and colleagues who are looking to buy or sell in Brookline. She spent a whole afternoon with friends of mine who were looking to move here from Texas. She was so wonderful, taking the time to really listen to them about their housing needs and preferences and showing them a range of homes that might interest them. They were wowed, and so was I. I would recommend her to anyone!

My husband and I are honestly in the house of our dreams because of Irene Kerzner. She was everything we needed her to be throughout this long and difficult process of buying our first home. With her expert eye and deep understanding of what we wanted, she guided us through what felt like countless open houses, suggesting we see a place she thought had potential or dissuading us from a bust. We felt completely heard and understood by her, and it was Irene who first saw ‘our house’ — the one we bought — she knew it was the right one when she saw it. When it came time to make an offer, she gracefully and expertly navigated us through the tricky process of making a competitive offer in a red-hot market. I honestly don’t think we could have gotten this house had it not been for her spot-on intuition combined with her extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of the market. On top of all this, she was reassuring, communicative, and supportive.We honestly can’t say enough glowing things about Irene. You’d be crazy to go with anyone else.

Upon our first meeting, it was clear that Irene was the right person to assist us with the sale of our West Roxbury home. She was knowledgeable about the market trends in our neighborhood, and quickly crafted a plan to present our home in the best light, which included the coordination of minor contract work to the exterior and home staging with the help of Heidi Wells. The end result was BEAUTIFUL. Thanks to Irene and Heidi’s efforts, we received multiple, above-asking price offers on our home within a matter of days after going on the market. Irene and the Concierge Home Sales team took the stress out of selling a home and provided valuable guidance throughout the entire process.

Recently I had to sell my parents’ home in Newton Centre, but I didn’t know any local real estate brokers. After interviewing nine agents, I met Irene and Heidi of Concierge Home Sales and knew they were the right team for the job. I couldn’t have made a better choice. From the moment I met Irene she exuded a positive energy and a thorough understanding of the Newton market. Irene is not only a fabulous real estate agent — selling my parent’s house in 3 days at a great price — she did it with integrity, hard work, and a subtle awareness of what was necessary to sell a 100-year old home. Heidi took the outdated home and presented it in a simple, stylish, and beautiful fashion. Both ladies are problem-solvers, skillful negotiators and efficient, effective communicators. I would recommend the Irene/Heidi team to absolutely anyone.

Xiomara & Mike
Irene recently worked with us to sell our home. From the first time we met Irene in the fall through the closing in May, we knew we had chosen the right realtor. She was prepared, knowledgeable, and very professional (and a genuinely nice person to boot!). She brought Heidi Wells into the mix as well, whose design services assisted with the staging and marketing of our house, as well as a contractor to fix all the little things that have to be done before a house can be sold — a dream team of convenience and expertise! Irene was always pleasant, patient, and full-service, as we had moved out of state and were not always available to handle everything. Not only is she a top-notch realtor, she’s a marketer. A realtor helps you navigate the process. A marketer helps you get the most value for your house. Due to Irene and Heidi’s hard work, we received six offers after our first and only weekend open house and were able to sell our house for $100,000 over asking! We will definitely use them again when we find ourselves on the buying end of the market.

Lori & Ty
I can’t thank Irene Kerzner and Heidi Wells enough for their Concierge Home Sales service! They helped make the process of staging and selling our home and purchasing a new home as seamless and stress-free as possible. Irene’s guiding hand, market knowledge and experience on the sale and purchase and Heidi’s creativity and logistical skills on the staging were incredible and instrumental in helping us achieve our goals! I am so glad we had Irene and Heidi on our team!

Ginna & Denny
On a scale of 1-10, Irene is a 12! Exceptionally savvy about the real estate market, well-connected to a network of valuable resources, kind, caring, and compassionate. Recommended by a friend, Irene provided such quality of personalized service throughout our home purchase and sale that we were able to relax and actualize our dream home. Rave reviews!!!

Matt & Amy
Everyone at Silk Purse Design and Concierge Home Sales was wonderful to work with from the start. The level of service offered and the attention to every detail along the way made selling our condo in such a short amount of time much less hectic and as painless as possible. Heidi’s vision for staging our condo was spot on, and we honestly feel it added value tenfold. The multiple offers we received after being on the market less than one week were all possible thanks to all the hard work of Heidi, Sue, Michele, and Irene. We would wholeheartedly recommend the team and their exceptional services to every one of our friends and family members when they are looking to sell their home in the Boston area!

Erik & Amanda
The combination of sales and design is absolutely brilliant! So glad we had the opportunity to take advantage of this innovative service. Our home was staged beautifully and sold in a flurry of offers. We couldn’t be happier — thank you Silk Purse Design and Concierge Home Sales!

Manon & Marc
Manon: I am thrilled to be referring Heidi (Silk Purse Design) and Irene (Concierge Home Sales) to you. They made everything not just easier but fun! Heidi reused my furniture and space in ways I never would have imagined. My house was transformed into a much more beautiful, welcoming, and convivial space. I strongly believe this beautiful staging not only made our house sale so successful (5 offers in one weekend showing) but quick. Heidi’s ability to make a space comfortable and beautiful is amazing. I want to use her in my new home, right away. Why wait till I sell my house!Marc: Pragmatic, authentic, professional, tactful, hardworking, flexible, and tasteful…even brilliant. Those are the words that come to mind when I think of Irene and Heidi (and their crew). They navigated the challenges of improving our interiors and exteriors, of working with our tenant, of meeting deadlines and of being economical with ease and good cheer. It was a pleasure working with them and I look forward to having them set up our new home.

Carl & Susan
Susan and I would like to thank Silk Purse Design and Concierge Home Sales for all the work they did to stage our condo. The condo looked excellent! The living room looked so much larger and they were right about removing the TV. Our place was extremely popular, we received a total of 16 offers! We are very happy with all the hard work Heidi and Irene did to make that happen.

I am so glad to have sold my home through Irene (Concierge Home Sales), Heidi (Silk Purse Design), and their team. They did an amazing job and made everything as hassle-free as they could. Irene was so responsive, knowledgeable, and professional throughout the process. We received 10 offers after a weekend open house and the final price was $85K over our asking price, which was truly a surprise to us! I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to sell their house. Thanks again!

Lori & Adam
Heidi (Silk Purse Design) and Irene (Concierge Home Sales) are the best! Irene’s calm demeanor and professional attitude, coupled with her deep knowledge of the market enabled us to sell my mother’s home in record time, at a record price. We were working under some difficult circumstances, and Irene and Heidi delivered on their promise that they would handle everything in order to make our experience easy — they did. We cannot recommend this team enough. Their care and knowledge and accessibility was invaluable! We’ve used Silk Purse Design and Concierge Home Sales twice, there’s no doubt we will use them again.

Stephanie & Adam
We worked with Irene (Concierge Home Sales) over a two year period to find the perfect home for our family. Irene took the time to get to know us and what we wanted out of our next home — even intuiting things that we probably could not have known ourselves but now love about our new place. When she finally found us the perfect property we had to move quickly, first to put in a winning offer and then to sell our house. Irene guided us through every nerve-wracking moment with her humor, reassurance, and incredible knowledge. Our Concierge Home Sales team of Irene Kerzner and Heidi Wells ensured our property sold for top dollar, bringing in more offers than we ever imagined. Their combined network of contractors enabled us to ready our place quickly and affordably and Heidi’s incredible staging truly transformed the space. Heidi’s eye for editing, rearranging, and reenergizing a home not only helped us sell our old place, but has also inspired us to put our own creative stamp on the new place. To top it all off, their partnership with Gentle Giants made the far less glamorous aspects of moving much easier to orchestrate. Who would have thought buying and selling a home could be so much fun?! It has been my pleasure to recommend Irene and Heidi to everyone I have met since who is thinking of buying or selling a home. They bring incredible knowledge, artistry, and value — a true dream team!